The attraction one finds in color and in sound makes one wonder if there is a mystery hidden behind them, if there is a language of color and sound which could be learned. And the answer is that the language of color and sound is the language of the soul, and that it is our outer language which makes us confused as to the meaning of that inner language. Color and sound are the language of life. Life expresses itself on all the different planes of existence in the form of color and sound. But the outer manifestations of life are so rigid and dense that the secret of their nature and character is buried underneath.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Color is the spellbinding beauty of life force energy.

When I search my childhood memories for color I find myself with my grandmother, watching as she created patchwork quilts and braided rugs, constructing radiant and magnificent stained glass windows out of small patches of fabric, braiding strips into rugs, vibrant bands of color flowing through her fingers. It seems to me now that her medium was less fabric than color.

Color opens our senses on a visual level, and when we expand that opening to include our heart we discover that it has the potential to take us to even deeper levels. A beautiful gateway for exploring the world within, color reflects our thoughts and ideas, sensations and emotions. Color is a mirror of our innermost being, of our very soul. Color can be a powerful yet simple vibrational-healing tool, easily accessible to all.

When I stumbled across Aura Soma --- catching a glimpse of Equilibrium bottles through a shop window, I felt compelled to enter and contemplate the fantastic array of colors, and to drink in the living energies of the colored oils with their herbal and and crystal essences. I purchased my first bottle and began my exploration. These magical jewels spoke with a language of their own, a resonance of profound mystery. My fascination grew, as did my respect for the truth of their message.

Aura Soma opens and expands our consciousness, bringing balance and harmony on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Aura Soma illuminates the very essence of our soul, so that we might recognize and better understand who we truly are. My sense of awe and fascination with this language of color urged me to enter the Aura Soma training program, in order to deepen my understanding and to become a practitioner in the Aura Soma system.