The matter which is the subject of every art that is practiced with the hands is composed of natural bodies, and its products are all physical forms, except for the matter which is the subject of the musical art, which is entirely composed of spiritual substances which are the souls of the hearers, their effects also being spiritual manifestations. In effect, melodies which are are composed of notes and rhythms leave an impression on the soul similar to that made by the artisan's work on the material which is the substratum of his art.
--The Brethren of Purity

Music is the eloquence of life force energy.

I felt called to music as a very small child. I began learning to play the violin at the age of ten and went on to complete a standard course of studies in classical music. Still eager to expand my repertoire with new pieces and forms of expression I devoted myself to historical performance practice and for the last thirty years have made a career as a specialist in the early violin. My professional life has been blessed with many collaborations with other musicians -- highly skilled and sensitive, curious and innovative -- as well as wonderful concert experiences throughout the world -- on modern stages, and in a wide variety of historical venues, ranging from the quaint to the grandiose. In recent years I have found great pleasure and satisfaction in arranging popular Renaissance tunes and composing a few tunes of my own for a small string band.

My broad experience in chamber music and historical performance practice allows me to offer musical coaching for ensembles or individuals who are interested in widening the paths of discovery which lie beyond the technical aspects of music.

Bertali Chaconne

I am pleased to present a new program:

An Alchemist's Garden
A delightful selection of music to warm the heart and cheer the spirit, and to fuel the fires of inspiration and vitality. These intimately personal arrangements of popular tunes, old and new, have been created by performing musicians, past and present, and are magical, conjuring feelings that are charming, bold, tender, and exciting.....

Pieces for solo Violin with accompaniment of Harp and Violoncello, and pieces for solo Harp. Please feel free to contact me for details.

All in a garden green
If all the world were paper
La Monica
Duke of Norfolk
John come kiss
Go merely whele
Castle Kelly / Hogties
Autumn Leaves

Paula Kibildis, Violin
Vincent Kibildis, Lever Harp
Johannes Loescher, Violoncello